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innovative full- size sedan in america: the taurus sho, from ford. drive one. time to check our top stories. armed with a revamped nuclear strategy, president obama heads to prague later today to sign a new arms control treaty with russia. it calls for both countries to reduce nuclear arsenals by a third. the president will host a nuclear summit next week in washington. >>> shuttle discovery was able to dock at the international space station this morning despite a faulty antenna knocking out raid. it was the first time four women are at the space center at once. discovery should return in about two weeks. >>> in montcoal, west virginia, they've now broken through a refuge chamber more than 1,000 feet below the earth's surface where they believe four missing miners might be trapped. they're trying to ventilate toxics gasses from the area so rescue teams can head down safely. west virginia's governor is hoping that can happen in the next few hours even though signals to contact survivors failed to produce a response. >> we're hoping we can get the mine and the air safe enough to get our resc
about it in north america. >> reporter: in march steve st ank lo was named chief. still, veteran toyota worker now retired is skeptical saying his former bosses hide rather than deal with problems. >> translator: they would avoid announcing defects as recalls and call it service campaign or anything else to fix the problem. >> the focus for toyota now is to make things right. they seemed to ignore the key assets. they forgot to listen to the voices of their own loyal employees. >> you're talking about this memo, and last week you were telling us about a memo from one of executives as well. >> that's exactly right. there seem to be all of these drops in the bucket. right now the bucket is close to spilling over the there's so much going on. toyota is looking to fix it. they know they've got a problem now. you have to keep in mind. they are almost 140 lawsuits against this company right now. make or break. >> thank you. >>> coming up, senate back from recession, job number one, extending unemployment benefits. >> make or break for hundreds of thousands of people getting unemployment exten
, president obama, in america. [ speaking in russian ] . . >>> the president of the united states of america, barack obama, and the president of the russian federation, dimitry medvedev are signing the treaty between the united states of america and the russian federation on measures for the further reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms. >>> if you are just joining us right now, you are looking at president barack obama and president dimitry medvedev. an agreement to shrink the arsenal to about 1500 warheads. that would allow for the mutual destruction several times over. it is sending a signal to the world about nonproliferation. it is no accident this is taking place in prague where a year ago he gave a speech about eventually hoping to rid the world of nuclear weapons. we are seeing a part of that in action right now with this agreement that as michael levee from the council on foreign relations has been talking to us about. it hasn't been easy to come by. ed henry told us, ten phone calls, five face-to-face meetings to get to some agreement. what were the biggest hang ups
. snoelt ♪ >>> president obama travels to the kennedy space center to outline his vision for america's space program. americans being launched into space on board an american vehicle for at least a decade. >> they are criticizing the president's plan saying they are concerned about their future. suzanne malveaux is taking a look. >> it's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> reporter: the moon mission under president obama is scrapped at least for now. a devastating blow to kennedy space center employees. >> i should have a plan "b." i don't yet. i could go back to being an aircraft mechanic or stick around here and drive a truck. i don't know. >> there is just kind of a cliff out there. we are not sure what's on the other side. >> reporter: families took comfort in president obama's plan to return u.s. astronauts to the moon by 2020. in february, the obama administration announced it was killing the moon mission called "constellation" after having spent $9 million on the program. this steel tower stands at 355 feet, brand new, never been used. it was built to launch
that would overhaul the way america regulates the big banks. a top republican already balking. >> ed, we're hearing the b word as an argument against the legislation. >> the b word is bailout in this case. >> exactly. >> he declared yesterday he wants his party to oppose this wall street reform effort pushed by chris dodd on the hill because he believes it gets the federal reserve too much power and will institutionalize the bailout mentality we saw a year and a half ago. the white house is flatly rejecting that notion saying all this reform bill will do is set up systemic risk council so the government can keep a better eye and make sure the big banks don't get out of control and look at main street, not just wall street. senator mcconnell clearly was trying to tap into the anger about the growth of government and government regulation and all of these bailouts. >> never again, never again should taxpayers be expected to bail out wall street from its own mistakes. we cannot allow endless taxpayer funded bailouts for big wall street banks. that's why we must not pass the financial reform
i heard of the law that passed, i couldn't believe it because the america that i know, the freedom and liberties we enjoy, are for everyone. it's a shame, because i love the state and grew up here. but i state that doesn't want you here? i might take the uniform off and i'm another hispanic. >> reporter: why do people feel indig nant about producing an i.d. they ought to have? >> because you're not white. >> reporter: is it because you resent the fact you could be stopped and asked for papers while fighting for this country? is that what angers you? >> it's not so much anger. it's hurt that that could happen to me, could happen to my family and my friends. >> come on, man. >> reporter: hours before his flight, jose medina invited us to his going away dinner. >> may go to afghanistan or iraq. after this night, man, we may not see you again. you're offering your life for this country, for all of us, but you might maybe start tomorrow. >> that's my duty to go and do what i have to do. >> reporter: before jose medina left arizona, he told me he was leaving with a heavy heart. >> i worr
of that light ash over towards north america. looks like this is going to be an ongoing story throughout the week. we'll update you as best we can from the cnn severe weather center. >> good stuff, rob. thanks. >> coming up at 6:30 eastern. europe is drenched in ash. thousands of flights canceled. how long will the volcano continue to erupt? we'll talk to a volcano expert. >> if you're trapped because of that, share us your travel horror stories. we would like to hear what you're doing, what the plan is and whether or not you think you'll get up in the air. 30% of flights may start up again today. >> there are passengers out there on facebook, they are skyping. folks are using all the resources to get what they are going through out there. there's much more to come on the most news in the morning. the united states is updating plans for iran. is this a sign of things to come? we'll break it down for you later on in just a few minutes. stick with us. [ male announcer ] where are people with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis going? they're discovering the first self-injectable ra med
america's heartland. we have pictures to show you of a twister. this is a mile wide and touched down in lakin, kansas. in parts of texas, there was so much severe weather storm chasers were running into one another. >> here we go. >> look at the chaser right there next to it! >> oh, my god. >> they are outside -- they are nuts. >> i see us. i see us. >> three tornadoes in all reported in texas. the storm is not done by a longshot. rob marciano, could mess up a lot of weekend plans. >> boy, those storm chasers have been chomping at the bit. 32 reports of tornadoes. they'll whitle that number down a little bit. now everything moving off to the east. look at the radar at how big this storm is. it is stretching across parts of texas all the way back towards the northeast. and with this, we're looking at severe weather to break out mostly east of dallas today. take a look at where the close-up shot is. oklahoma towards dallas. i think texarkana area, that's where the moderate risk for severe weather is today. that's a strong indication that we'll see more of what we saw yesterday this aft
on that check to eat, you feel differently. >> america drowning in massive debt as christine highlighting right now. all growing by leaps and bounds daily. what happens to our economy if we don't change course and how can we change course in the current economic climate? a lot of big questions out there. christine will be looking at the issues and weighing answers on iou.s.a. >> very important story and everybody is talking about it. still to come, why republican national committee chairman michael steele, you may have heard from him, facing calls to step down. not from everybody within his own party. that story is coming up. dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center. backed by foot care scientists, its foot mapping technology identifies the areas you put pressure on then recommends the right orthotic. for locations see drscholls.com. the amount of technology in today's cars is like something out of a spaceship. which is why, mechanics nowadays are more like rocket scientists. they have to be. the technicians at ford and lincoln mercury dealerships are highly trained. they really do know their st
and frequently crossed. if you are too extreme you alienate mainstream america. we tend not to trust folks on the fringes. this is the opportunity. the fiscal message they have an opportunity to reach out and win over voters. only 7% support president obama, half republican in total. this becomes a real barrier to really spreading the fiscal message which could have a broader appeal. >> we have a graphic made up of the poll and if you've got a graphic, use it. that's what i always say. somebody spent a long time putting this together. >> 7% of tea party supporters think that president obama is doing a good job. 14% of republicans and 39% of independents. >> you talk about the obama derangement syndrome, 5.5 million -- >> is that a demonstration of that obama derangement syndrome? >> the tea partyiers are to the right of the party. this is a conservative populist movement. as they generally are, that's a great example of overall dynamic. this poll shows a conservative populist movement. john avalon. we thank you for joining us. >> glad we got the graphic in. that person got paid to make it.
with signs that say america's public enemy number one, lloyd blankfein, that must pain you. >> it pains me to hear you say it. i have -- the firm has its work cut off for it. however we got to this place, we are going to work very, very hard to make ourselves appreciated for the value we contribute and for the way in which our activities are good for america. i know there is credibility gap there, but i tell you the activity that's we do, financing companies and helping to manage people's money, these are all good for the united states. >> what about trading and cdos? was that nothing? was that air? >> of course it's good. people could only be able to raise capital if the people who buy those equities and bonds are able to sell them. they can only sell them if they are liquid markets. they are all connected to the capital markets. nobody, even the legislators are not questioning the importance of the capital markets and the work we do when we're doing well. their criticism is that we haven't done a good job or we haven't -- we haven't taken account of all of the interest in the way we shou
in america. now that's more like it. [ male announcer ] $69.99 for unlimited text, web and calling to any mobile in america. only from sprint. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities access www.sprintrelay.com. this site has a should i try priceline instead? >> no it's a sale. nothing beats a sale! wrong move! you. you can save up to half off that sale when you name your own price on priceline. but this one's a deal...trust me. it's only pretending to be a deal. here, bid $79. got it. wow! you win this time good twin! there's no disguising the real deal. ♪ >>> welcome back to the most news in the morning. 24 minutes past the hour. time for an a.m. original, something you'll see only on "american morning." hit hard by the recession, the once proud city of detroit is now a shell of its former self. there are parts of detroit that resemble a war zone. the mayor has a plan to save the motor city by shrirnging it. jim acosta is following that live. when you say a radical planet, not everyone is on board. >> that's right. it's hard not to pull for detroit, kiran. consider th
be hosting the show. >>> and jetblue with more flights in and out of boston. the deal would give america more stops across the country and stretch jetblue overseas. >>> well, fire and ice. stunning video coming from iceland. a volcano erupted for the first time in nearly 200 years. the force was so powerful that lava burst through the earth forming new craters. scientists say, despite the show, it shouldn't actually be a threat. >>> well, a strange beginning. lead-off man denard span, the first batter of the game, slices a foul ball in the stands and immediately starts running to the seat, something you don't see very often. turns out the foul ball struck his mother. hit her in the shoulder. paramedics checked her out. she was okay. >> you can imagine, of all of the people, you hit your mom. >> wow. >> she's okay. he knew. he went running. >> 20,000 people in the stands and you hit your dear old mom. >>> coming up in ten minutes, those tv commercials are advertising free credit reports, they're pretty hard to miss. it's could be hard to figure out how could something be free after you get a b
and thrown some of the ash plume back through even north america. that's the main area that we're concentrating on, at least the height. the the surface to 20,000 feet above the level. the air space is actually open. below 20,000 feet is where the ash is most concentrated. that's what prompted the latest advisory to shut down the air space at the lower elevation. let's look at some cool pictures as we highlight this volcanic eruption. that is lightning my friends. and it happens during volcanic eruptions similar process to a thunderstorm that create lightning. you have particles creating static electricity. and the colors around it are dependent on the gases being emitted by the volcano. very cool pictures being taken by some of our photojournalists in the business that are other there right now. thought we would throw that in there because it is cool, at least if you're not traveling. >> making for amazing photos, no doubt. if you're stuck in the aheadach, you're not enjoying that. >> they are calling it camp kennedy, hundreds of stranded travelers still sleeping under red cro
immigration spreading to america's past time. a few dozen activists protested arizona's new immigration law outside the cubs game yesterday. the arizona diamondbacks were in town. >>> the new law requires police to check whether a person is in the united states legally if there's a reason to suspect that he or she is not. critics say it will foster racial profiling. if you get closer to the border, you'll find many supporters, some loud and angry, who say this law will actually save american lives. john mccain heard from some of them and casey has this "a.m. original". >> reporter: kiran opponents of arizona's new law have marched through the cities of phoenix and tucson. we're in casa grande, it's in smaller towns like this where one support for a crackdown is strong. >> as a normal citizen, what do we do, besides wondering and frustrated? >> reporter: at a town hall meeting with john mccain and police chiefs, one residents discussed a solution of his own. >> shoot, shovel and shut up. these people are herded up like could y cows and horses and driven across the border. they pay good money
million. could this be the way to solve america's health care crisis? >> some of those charges are outrageous, does make you scratch your head. we're crossing the half hour, time for a look at the top stories. the suspected christmas day bomber has surfaced in a videotape firing at targets that include a star of david and discussing his impending attack on a u.s. airliner in arabic. >>> noriega spent two decades in the u.s. in custody in the united states for drug trafficking before he was cleared for extradition yesterday. the french government claims noriega launderred $3 million in drug money and could face 10 years behind bars if convicted in france. >>> they were forced to break out umbrellas inside of ukraine's parliament. they are putting up brel las because people are hurling eggs and setting off smoke bombs, upset over an agreement that allows russia to extend its lease of a key naval base there. despite the chaos, you see the smoke bombs. officials did try to push ahead with business as if nothing was taking place. >>> goldman sachs big ways are preparing for a hostil
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sedan in america: the taurus sho, from ford. drive one. ♪ >>> welcome back to the most news in the morning. we've been talking about the fallout from the volcano eruption in iceland. it is having impact around the world. >> hampering efforts to get troops medevaced out of the war zone. barbara starr has the story. >> the u.s. may have the stronger military on earth, but right now mother nature is running the show. joanne and greg are on their way to see their son sandrew, shot n afghanistan now finally on his way home via iraq because of the volcano. >> i want to see him and talk to him. so it's been a long time since thursday night. >> reporter: the u.s. is now sending some troops wounded in ago to this hospital in iraq because it can't fly them to the medical facility in germany. the pentagon worries if there's a major battle in afghanistan, it won't be able to treat all of the wounded. >> to have that capacity ready at our hands means we have to move wounded soldiers. >> reporter: cargo also shows down. the secretary general of nato insists security across europe hasn't b
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